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Theme 2

Forcibly displaced persons

Theme leader: Anke Witteveen
Sunset Soccer

There are currently over 70 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide, with more than 29 million of these being refugees and asylum-seekers (UNHCR, 2019). Rates of psychological disorders are elevated amongst individuals from a refugee background. It is critical that rigorous research be conducted to understand the factors that influence mental health in refugees and asylum-seekers. The development of an evidence base relating these factors will directly inform policies and practices to support individuals who have been exposed to persecution and displacement.

Projects are currently being developed to address this theme.


1. D-STRESS: Post-displacement stressors and mental health of refugees and asylum-seekers. Read more here.

2.  FUTURE: a global network of reFUgee TraUmatic stress REsearch.

Read more here.

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